What's Going On?

The Rockets Are Really Serious, Aren’t They?

(PHOTO CREDIT: Steve Dykes/AP.) Okay. We mostly thought the Houston Rockets was going to be the team to challenge the reigning, defending champion Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference. But with the Warriors a little shaken up and the…
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Manu Ginobili is Still Making Big Plays

(PHOTO CREDIT: Soobum Im/USA Today.) The Spurs have been winners for what seems like forever. And one big part of that winning train is Manu Ginobili, who is still making big plays at 40 years old. We saw a few…
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Jahlil Okafor Has Been Taken Out of The Process

(PHOTO CREDIT: Erik Hartline/USA Today.) So the Jahlil Okafor, uhhhh, experiment (?) is officially done in Philadelphia. For all those that hailed Sam Hinkie as some sort of god, one of his high draft picks didn’t exactly work out. The…
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