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UPDATED 01/02/2014

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Once or twice a week We do a podcast on TNLP called The Chronicles Of Crotty. Peter Kim came up with the podcast name, which was named after point guard John Crotty. Crotty was known for backing up Utah Jazz legendary point man John Stockton and is now the current Miami Heat radio analyst. After Dave Diep mentioned him while talking about the greatest point guards of all-time, it was only fitting for us to name our podcast after him.

The podcast has evolved over the years. Our very first episode was recorded in February 2009 (we are now up to 135 episodes) and we've had some marvelous guests from the best NBA writers/bloggers to some NBA players. Each episode varies in length; it could be half an hour or it could go as long as a little over an hour. We place a strong emphasis on the Los Angeles teams (Lakers and Clippers) but we will talk anything NBA or whatever else random that comes to our minds.

I have been the moderator/main host of the podcast for most of the podcasts. Because of our schedules as of late, I go solo some of the time or I do a group podcast with some of the crew here.

So check us out, please SUBSCRIBE, and hope we entertain you with our NBA (random) talk.

MAIN HOST: Rey Moralde
BACK-UP HOSTS: Peter Kim, Dave Diep, Brandon Tomyoy
PODCASTERS: Nick Perkins, Jeremy Rincon, Daniel Artest, "Snottie Drippen"

PAST PODCASTERS: Mel Baltazar, Ross Tirona, Holland Wong, Jimmy Castro

(Not everyone appears at the same time, of course, because that would be too cluttered.)

For past episodes, you can click here. Or you can go to its own site, ChroniclesOfCrotty.Com.

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