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Looking at the Celtics’ Incredible Surge

(PHOTO CREDIT: AP.) So it’s time to give some credit to the Boston Celtics. And to Brad Stevens. I know people are always looking for something negative on face value. Trying to look for some context that would diminish the…
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That Unicorn In New York

(PHOTO CREDIT: Abbie Parr/Getty Images.) So a few days ago, I said it’s a bit of an overreaction when I said Kristaps Porzingis should be an MVP candidate. Probably no longer an overreaction. Porzingis has become THE man in New…
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NBA Opening Night Was An Incredibly Mixed Bag

As far as the games themselves on NBA Opening Night, you probably couldn’t ask for more. There were two very competitive games from four top teams. It was perfect that Kyrie Irving put up the last shot of the game…
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