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NBA Players Have Their Roles

(PHOTO CREDIT: Steven M. Falk/Philly.Com.) Sometimes, I see some writers (and fans) on Twitter and they spark huge debates on which player is “better.” It was really offputting to see people say that Devin Booker is NOT a good basketball…
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I am Thankful for the NBA

(PHOTO CREDIT: Rocky Widner/Getty Images.) I have a lot to be thankful for. Some of you know I went through a lot of trials concerning my health. I’m here now so I am very thankful for that. But I’ll keep…
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2016-17 NBA Season Predictions and Results Comparisons

So we all made our season predictions for how each team is going to do this regular season. I was no different. Check out what I tweeted in late October… NBA Eastern Conference standings predictions: pic.twitter.com/Kljn6CfxSo — Rey-Rey (@TheNoLookPass) October…
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