What's Going On?

Phoenix Gets Rich

First off, I read from SLAM that Joe Maloof suffered a stroke. And also, Cat Mobley, who last played for the Clippers, chose to retire because of his heart condition. My hopes and prayers go out to those two and…
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We Like Obscure NBA Players: Mike Iuzzolino

So one late night, I was hangin’ out with my buddies at Denny’s. Peter (one of my basketball buddies and one of the biggest L.A. Clipper fans I will ever know) then had one of those… moments. PETER: “Okay, so…
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Scattered Thoughts

*Dwyane Wade is now getting MVP chants. If I was actually one of those media guys that can give votes, I’d vote him in if he takes the Heat to the Playoffs. But it’s probably going to be LeBron, Kobe,…
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