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We Like Obscure NBA Players: Randy Woods

No video game reviews until life slows down behind-the-scenes. It’s been really hard for me to blog as of late. But, hey, I can resume this feature… even if it is half-assed. After all, I don’t have to post a…
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Video Blog: Clippers Win Against Warriors

On Feb. 23, 2009, we (the Chronicles of Crotty Krew! HA HA!) attended the Clippers game at Staples Center. They faced the Golden State Warriors in a high-scoring affair. The Clippers ended up winning, 118-105, in what Dave described as…
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Changes To The No-Look Pass

Who are those dudes with Ronny Turiaf? (L to R: Peter, me, Ronny Turiaf, David) I have been writing this blog, The No-Look Pass, for about less than three months. The opinion entries are all mine but regular features like…
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Way Too Much Going On

All right, so normally I’d update five times a week. But I’ve got way too much going on this week. I’ll probably post stuff about the Warriors/Clippers game (with video and everything)… and, of course, the podcast for this week….
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Weekly Assists (02/20/2009)

Amar’e Stoudemire just had eye surgery. He MAY be out for the rest of the regular season. Things have been SO up and down for the Phoenix Suns. All right, guys. It’s Friday. I’m in love. So, first off, Blog…
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LiveBlog For The Trade Deadline

Yup. Just a reminder. Be here around 9 A.M. Pacific time on Thursday and let’s talk NBA trades, shall we? A lot of the other bloggers will be here so come on and join us. Trade Deadline live blog

We Like Obscure NBA Players: Zan Tabak

This name had been thrown around for weeks. But I knew I had to blog about him after this little revelation. Nick and I were playing NBA Hoopz for DreamCast (the last in the line of NBA Jam games; essentially…
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Hi, N’Awlins, What Are You Doing?

Yes, I’ll have a double-dip of my usual goofiness later on today. But this is something that I have to blog about. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the L.A. basketball teams. But I’m an even bigger fan…
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Recap Of 2009 All-Star Weekend

All-Star Weekend has come and gone. Let’s sort through all of the stuff that I saw. I didn’t catch the celebrity game. But, hey, Zach from Talk Hoops Dot Net has a good recap. Check that out. I watched most…
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Weekly Assists (02/14/2009)

Yes, updating on a Saturday. Happy Valentine’s Day. I waited ’til today to update this because I feel it’s appropriate to give love on this holiday! Actually, it’s just an excuse because I didn’t want to update yesterday. There was…
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Sweet Dishes: Winning It All

Before I go on… time for a plug. My friends over at Project Spurs are having a little contest called the Spurs Trade Deadline Challenge. This is open for submission until Friday night, February 13th. The winner will get $25…
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