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Pleasure D

Pleasure P & Dwight Howard He left Pretty Ricky to go play for the Orlando Magic. Credit to Holland and Bran for this one.

We Like Obscure NBA Players: Dwayne Schintzius

Oh, man. Don’t tell me you guys forgot about him. Dwayne Schintzius. Isn’t that the look of a champion? Look at that awesome mullet. When I grow up, I want to have that hairstyle. Thank you, Hoopedia for the info….
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Not Good Enough To Be Starters?

Wait. What did Kenny Smith say last night on Inside The NBA? He doesn’t know if the Clipper starters are better as bench players? He was particularly pointing out Al Thornton and Eric Gordon. In some ways, I can see…
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B-Ball Video Games Are Cool: Rapjam Vol. 1

It’s been a while since I’ve done this sort of post. Yes. Basketball video games. They are so fun to play. Then again, there are also these hidden old gems that people either forgot about or would RATHER not play….
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Hating On The Fantasy

I do NOT like fantasy sports anymore. In fact, I can go as far as saying that I HATE fantasy sports. I can understand the appeal of it. After all, I played fantasy sports for a few good years. And…
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Who Gets Paid More Than Paul Millsap?

All right. Paul Millsap of the Utah Jazz has played really well this year. He’s averaging 14.1 points and 9 rebounds per game. But is he getting paid this year as well as he’s playing? Ha ha ha. Well… …he’s…
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Two Missed Freethrows

When I read this story it made me think… that winning is not everything. The story comes from a high school in Wisconsin and Illinois. The team from Illinois traveled around two and a half hour to play in this…
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We Like Obscure NBA Players: William Bedford

This is actually more of a sad case. Who remembers… …William Bedford? Bedford had a banner junior year with the Memphis (State) Tigers in the NCAA. They went to the Final Four before Villanova upset them in the semifinals. He…
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Lupe Franchise

Steve Francis Lupe Fiasco No question about whether or not they’re the same person…

Weekly Assists (03/14/2009)

Did you listen to our podcast? You’d better listen to us! Ha ha ha. It’s been a while since I did this and I apologize for not giving any love to the other blogs. I have been really busy as…
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A Great Owner

On my first of many blogs, I will be having some stories about basketball (of course). Stories that people don’t often hear about it. Could be good and/or bad stories, but it would be questions of, “What would you do?”…
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We Like Obscure NBA Players: Mark McNamara

One day, my friend, Nelson, was looking through his basketball cards. And then we all laughed after he said… …Mark McNamara. I actually first saw him in the Lakers Vs Celtics video game for the Sega Genesis. He was like…
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Danity Rondo

Written by Peter Kim from HE CAME FROM. Peter has been a Clipper fan since 1990 and is part of the Chronicles of Crotty podcast. And, yes, he specializes in finding NBA players that look like other people. Reprinted from…
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Dirty Lakers?

Because the L.A. Lakers aren’t really well-liked (people acknowledge they’re good but they’re not well-liked) outside of L.A., people are jumping on the Lakers as cheap-shot artists. Or dirty. I think the description of the Twitter feed from Hardwood Paroxysm…
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