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Teams I Like: 2008-09 Houston Rockets

There’s something about Rafer Alston being on teams I like (refer to the 2003-04 Heat). He was a key player on that squad as well as the 2008-09 Houston Rockets. It was a unique team of characters. You had China’s…
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Teams I Like: ’03-’04 Miami Heat

Every now and then, a team emerges from the ashes to create a buzz that takes the nation by storm. It’s what one would call a Cinderella story. Enter the 2003-04 Miami Heat. A team nobody expected much from coming…
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The New Look Clippers: Weapons Galore

They say it’s only preseason. But if you watched the Clippers vs. Lakers game last night, it didn’t feel like a normal preseason game. There was a different feeling in the air, and though part of it may be media…
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