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The No-Look Pass was created on December 2, 2008. I wanna say that I made this on the same day as the birthday of Britney Spears. I’ll stick to that story.

Earlier that year, I had rolled my ankle playing basketball. So I took to writing. A lot. But I was writing on LiveJournal at the time. I was writing about a lot of different things, including my love for the NBA.

Dave Diep (friend of mine and now part-time contributor) suggested to me that I start an NBA web site instead of putting all my basketball on LiveJournal. Thus, The No-Look Pass was created (at the time, it was supposed to be a placeholder name until something better came along; nothing better came along) and it was off and running.

A solo project became a fun group hobby. For the most part, most of the guys have moved on in life (though they’ll contribute once in a while) while I continue to maintain the site like how it was when I first started. It’s opened up avenues for me and I will always be grateful for TNLP.

This web site focuses on the NBA at large. There used to be emphasis on both the Lakers and the Clippers since the beginning group is from Southern California. This site covers the entire league these days. I try to look at the lighthearted side of the NBA and try to come up with some unique features you don’t see on other NBA sites. We also have a Clipper-centric podcast run by Brandon Tomyoy called Full Sail Podcast. We’ll have a mix of analysis, goofiness, and tons and tons of fun that you may not see in other NBA sites.

Hope you like the site. The No-Look Pass will be around as long as I have something to say about it.

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