Mike D’Antoni Out As Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach

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Ramona Shelburne from ESPN L.A. has some more big news coming from L.A.

Many many Laker fans get their wish.

For the last few days, D’Antoni and the Lakers were wrestling over his option year. The Lakers refused to budge and I guess D’Antoni had enough. He didn’t want to be a lame duck coach going into next season so he bolted out the door.

D’Antoni was chosen as head coach over Phil Jackson after Mike Brown was fired early in the 2012-13 season. From then on, he clashed with many players including Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol. Even then, he was dealt a bad hand as he had tons of players go down to injury. As we all know, Kobe Bryant barely played this season and Steve Nash has seldom been healthy ever since he became a Laker. Still, I felt he didn’t maximize the guys that he DID have. Guys like Jordan Hill got inconsistent playing time; he would play big minutes in one game and not play at all in the next.

D’Antoni has been known to also revive/discover NBA players’ careers. He played Xavier Henry and Wesley Johnson extended minutes. Before that, he gave Earl Clark a chance. In New York, he gave Jeremy Lin an opportunity. While he’s not known for his defensive chops, he does know offense and he can turn previously benchwarmers into gems.

Mike D’Antoni was 67-87 (.435) in his two years with the Lakers. But he still figures to be a candidate for other team vacancies should he continue to coach.


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  1. David

    I’m happy that we get to have a new start to an era but some of the “joy” of the news from other Lakers fans are kind of upsetting. He never got a fair shake at coaching a complete team. I do think he was the wrong choice because of his history with coaching defense, but with key players like Kobe and Nash healthy, we probably wouldn’t have finished second to last in the West this year. I think we would have been, at best, an 8th seed with those 2 healthy. He made a rag-tag group of D-Leaguers a scrappy team that was fun to watch (sometimes).

    1. Rey-Rey (Post author)

      I’m not hard on D’Antoni as many people. He never got a fair shake but both sides need a fresh start. He’s been kind of a jinx.


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