What’s Up Doc? Clips Reach Agreement in Principle With Doc Rivers


After nearly two weeks of posturing, using every negotiating tactic and leverage ploy in the book, the Clippers and Celtics have agreed in principle on a deal that would release Doc Rivers out of his contract to become the next coach of the Clippers.

The Clippers would send a 2015 unprotected 1st round pick for the right to sign Rivers to a 3 year, 21M dollar deal. Obviously the final hurdle would be to get the league’s approval. Since this is a standalone transaction, it’s hard to see the league not approving of it. The Clips were prepared to hire Brian Shaw or Byron Scott if the Celtics rejected them for good.

The hiring of Rivers virtually guarantees free agent Chris Paul re-signing with the Clips. He has made it clear that Doc is his top choice as head coach. The Clippers will get a top notch coach who brings instant credibility to an organization who has already built a winning culture in the last couple of years. This also increases the possibility of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce of wanting to join forces with Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and Doc Rivers to create a superteam of sorts in Hollywood. Rivers will return to a team he played for and lead to the playoffs during the 1991-92 season.

It’s been an emotionally and mentally exhausting roller coaster ride, but the end of the tunnel is finally here.


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  1. KWAPT

    1) As sad as I am to see Doc leave, and as frustrating and embarrassing as this mess was for the franchise & it’s fans, I’m SO glad it’s over.

    2) I have no beef with the Clippers. Their fans are some of the most loyal and respectful folks I’ve met.

    Hope Doc is as successful with your franchise as he was with our’s.

  2. Rey-Rey (Post author)

    It’s going to be a massive rebuild from here on out. Just hope they recover quickly; some just never go anywhere while rebuilding.

  3. illastrate (Post author)

    Thanks KWAPT. It’s an exciting day here in Clipperland, anxious to get the season started.

    C’s will have no trouble rebuilding. I suspect they’ll be back to prominence in the near future.


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