Evan Turner Settles Boy Band Debate

Last night, I was hanging out on Twitter when I was alerted to Evan Turner from the Philadelphia 76ers having a deep discussion.

Which boy band is better? BackStreet Boys or ‘N SYNC?

He immediately became my favorite Sixer. The first tweet about it starts from the bottom.

It’s quite evident that he’s a bigger fan of BSB. I wonder how much he practiced the dance moves to these songs in Ohio State. Maybe that’s why he became such a high pick. I feel like it’s my goal in life to do karaoke with Mr. Turner. We’d do a great duet of I Want It That Way and we’d get our names on the side of a huge plane. Because we would want it that way.

But how dare Evan Turner say Joey Fat One was NOT dope. He did Dancing With The Stars, dammit!

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