MVP Talk Is So Difficult

It’s just hard to talk about the MVP award, sometimes. There is just no real criteria for this thing.

According to Stan Van Gundy, Derrick Rose is the MVP because the media has already made the decision.

And he’s right. Most of the media is saying that Rose is it. And most of the fans are saying Rose is it. At this point, I’d be shocked if SOMEONE ELSE than Rose is it.

My personal pick would be Dwight Howard, which would be a lot of my peers’ pick. Dwight has been a huge impact on both sides of the court and, while it’s the #4 seed for his team, has carried this team to a decent record without the luxury of having a real second option. I thought Jason Richardson and Jameer Nelson would be decent second options but that has not been the case. Everyone knows how beastly Dwight is on the defensive end but his offensive numbers have been superb as well.

My fellow bloggers have gone the extra mile with the debates/arguments/deathmatches on Twitter. From basic stats to intangibles to win shares to efficiency to who’s on said candidate’s team to team records. And quite frankly, we’d run circles on each of them.

But we really cannot discount Derrick Rose‘s overall production. He’s averaging 24.9 points, 4.2 boards, and 7.8 assists. Those numbers are nothing to sneeze at. I believe those numbers on the surface are good enough to be Most Valuable Player. And, yes, I get that he’s the better story and that his numbers are inferior compared to a LeBron James. Again, though, we can’t DISCOUNT him. He’s a worthy candidate as any of ’em. Sure, he’s not the greatest defensively but he’s helped the Bulls leap into the top spot (when some of us thought that the Bulls are a borderline Top 4 team in the East… and even then, people were already making the argument FOR Rose when the Bulls were at the third spot). Just as every other candidate out there, he doesn’t go there and think he has to make his advanced metrics look good; doesn’t playing your ass off to make this team elite/relevant count for something?

Again, though… we’ll run around circles for each candidate. There are just other things we can’t measure about how valuable each player is. Let’s just say that if you gave me a sane answer for MVP such as Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki, Dwight, LeBron James, or Kevin Durant, I’ll totally understand. I guess that’s why we have a voting system, right (although I agree with SVG that the media has already given it to Rose)?

Maybe the great Tom Ziller (from SB Nation) is correct. We may have to abolish the voting system. Or maybe Matt Moore (from Hardwood Paroxysm) is right. We may have to just separate the awards to Best Offensive Player, Best Defensive Player, and Most Outstanding Player.

Speaking of Tom Ziller, he wrote his own piece about the award. He thinks Russell Westbrook should get some pub, too.

Tom Ziller thinks Derrick Rose is no better than Russell Westbrook.

The debate rages on. But I’m my own man and I say Dwight.

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  1. Jason Clinkscales

    Since it’s voted by media, there’s little chance that the narrative will change unless a player decides to have a phenomenal final 3+ weeks and catapults his team into a higher seeding. With that said, I think Matt Moore has it right.

    I don’t think the media devotes much attention to great defense untiil they see an absence of it (hence, all the Knicks jokes). I’d love to see the award process done in the same manner as the NFL. If it weren’t for so many tweeners in the NBA, I’d LOVE to see an NHL-style award system where best-of-the-position is given an accolade.


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