The Week In TNLP (01/29/2011)

It’s the weekend! No football this weekend, though, but you can enjoy some GREAT basketball on ABC on Sunday morning/afternoon! We’ll talk about that more later but right now, let’s check out what happened at TNLP in the past week.

1. Reflecting Back At Kobe¬ís 81 Five Years Ago: Sometimes, I STILL can’t believe I saw that. 81 points. We reflect back at what happened during that day.

2. The Drive Of Daniel Artest (Chapter 9): Daniel Artest is no longer with the Indianapolis Drive… and talks about his “beef” with some NBA superstars.

3. 30-Team Quickie (01/25/2011): Your 30-Team Tuesday delight.

4. TNLP Talks Utah Jazz With Amar From SLC Dunk: I previewed Jazz/Lakers with Amar from SLC Dunk. The result wasn’t pretty as you guys know.

5. The Great Ambassador: Brandon Tomyoy writes a fantastic entry about how Yao Ming has affected the game and the Chinese community. Brandon, who is Chinese-American, is proud that someone like Yao Ming came along to the NBA.

6. We Like Obscure NBA Players: Mike Smrek: Peter Kim brings back a Showtime favorite.

7. Sweet Dishes: Self-Slam Dunk: Ever tried dunking yourself? No… as in DUNKING YOUR WHOLE BODY into the rim.

8. O.J. Mayo Suspended For 10 Games: O.J. Mayo got caught. It was the same drug Rashard Lewis was suspended for.

9. 2011 All-Star Game Starters Named!: The starters were revealed for L.A.’s midseason classic! The fans mostly got it right.

10. Sweet Dishes: Numb#rs: An awesome campaign to get Kevin Love into the All-Star game.

11. Kobe Is Not The King Of Clutch??: TrueHoop got some hard data to prove that Kobe is NOT clutch. Unfortunately, that’s only one category. I break it down in this entry.

12. Bullet Passes (01/28/2011): Link love! It had been a while. I think.

Stay tuned for a Lakers Vs Celtics preview later on today!

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