Daily Archive: January 28, 2011

Bullet Passes (01/28/2011)

Here we go. Some link love! First off, let’s give some love to some sites I have been going to as of late. RedHottLocks.Com is a great sports and entertainment website. They have an internet video show every week. They…
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Kobe Is Not The King Of Clutch??

According to ESPN TrueHoop, Kobe is not THAT clutch. OH, MY GOSH. TRUEHOOP HATES KOBE. With the percentages, I’m not surprised. Since he came into the league (1996-97), Kobe Bryant is 36 out of 115 shots when his team is…
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Sweet Dishes: Numb#rs

Check this out. It’s the new fragrance by Kevin Love! Okay, it’s not really a product… but it’s basically the campaign to get Kevin Love on the All-Star team. The numbers… er… numb#rs do speak for themselves, though. Even though…
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