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Okay, people have asked about how our favorite candylover does, Lamar Odom, during Halloween games. The NBA season seems to get earlier and earlier as the years go by (I remember them usually starting on early November but these days, they start at the last week of October) so Lamar must not have played very many Halloween games, right? Well, we thought he would do well during Halloween games because of the amount of candy we thought he would’ve consumed before gametime (or would consume after). Lamar has been in the league since 1999… and he’s actually only played in four Halloween games (including last night) in his career. Let’s take a look if there is any correlation.


Odom played his first Halloween game in 2000 as a Los Angeles Clipper against Utah. As you can see on that statline, he didn’t fare too well. Neither did the Clippers… but then it’s rare when they do play well. They lost, 107-94, against that Jazz.


This was his first home game as a member of the Miami Heat. He had a pretty bad game here, too, as they lost to the eventual champions, the Detroit Pistons, 93-81.


Statisically, this was Lamar Odom’s best Halloween night game. They played their first game of the season against their nemesis, the Phoenix Suns, and came out with the duke, 114-106. As you can see by the statline, he had 34 points, 13 rebounds, and 6 assists. Coincidentally, Kobe Bryant didn’t play in that game but maybe he knew Lamar’s sweettooth by then and gave him lots of Skittles. I’m sure Lamar tasted the rainbow (he was 3 out of 4 from deep).


And the reason why I was asked about how Lamar Odom does on Halloween games was this monster statline. Odom helped trash the Warriors, 107-83, with a 16 and 14 effort last night. Of course, Odom’s love for candy is now public knowledge… but, really, after looking at all this, I can only really see one correlation.

If Lamar Odom plays well on Halloween, his team wins the game. He is now 2-2 (2-0 as a Laker, coincidentally) on this festive day.

CAREER NUMBERS ON HALLOWEEN: 17.8 points, 8.8 rebs., 3.8 assts., 1.5 steals, 4.3 turnovers, .436 FG%, .500 3PT FG%, .810 FT%

Basically, just keep Lamar happy during Halloween. Feed him candy before the game. Or promise him lots of candy after the game.

Hey, Lamar, want some of my leftover candy?

Hat tip to Basketball Reference for having all these stats.

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