Cedric Ceballos Made Me Love Writing

I told my Kobe Bryant story last year. Figured I’d tell another one of my experiences with another NBA player from high school and probably what indirectly led me to a love of writing in the first place.

The student body from my high school mentioned that they were able to get… the Los Angeles Lakers to visit. I wondered how true that was. They mentioned various names would be able to go attend the assembly in our high school. I saw billboards with the names Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Nick Van Exel, Eddie Jones, and Cedric Ceballos. I didn’t expect much because I didn’t think our high school was really able to get any of those names.

Well, we got one out of five. Cedric Ceballos came to our high school. He was actually injured a couple of weeks before and told us that he was ready to come back from that injury. After that, he proceeded to perform some of his music along with a couple of artists that he had brought along with him.

A lot of the kids were rude. It’s one thing to pay attention and get down with Cedric while he was performing but they weren’t even paying attention. The kids were just standing up and talking amongst ourselves and it was as if Cedric wasn’t even there. Of course, once everyone was done, everyone flocked to Ceballos as he signed autographs for everybody. I think Ced signed my backpack.

A couple of things happened after this assembly.

The assembly got me so riled up that I decided to go to the administrator of the school paper and asked if I could write about how rude the audience was towards Cedric Ceballos. She gave me the okay to do it. A week later, a lot of the teachers and counselors were praising what I wrote. This led me to joining the school paper for the rest of the year and I ended up getting Writer of the Year. My love for writing has continued on to this day. Of course, it wasn’t until about more than a decade later that TNLP was born but I had always kept a blog on the internet. I was writing on that almost everyday just like how I do on here now.

As for Ceballos? He got traded almost immediately to Phoenix for Robert Horry. I was sorry to see him go as he really was one of my favorite Lakers and was the catalyst of the surprise 1994-95 campaign for the Lakers. Of course, Horry became a key component to the three-peat Lakers.

After initially thinking that this was going to be an entry about another experience of meeting up with an NBA player, I really want to say one more thing.

Thank you to Cedric Ceballos.

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  1. The Anti-Crust

    Maybe it's just me, but Ceballos' game was like that of Shawn Marion a few years ago. Quick off the floor, for the boards, and would score not from natural fluid skills but much of it from hustle.

  2. Pro Hoops Journal

    didn't ceballos do a blind folded dunk once? that was sick.

    1. Rey-Rey

      Really? Most of us felt he could see through that. Dee Brown's was much better.


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