2010 Regular Season Awards (Defensive Player of the Year)

The NBA has been giving out their end-of-season awards. We’re long overdue to give out our version. So this week, we are doing just that.

2010 Coach of the Year
2010 Rookie of the Year
2010 Most Improved Player

Defensive Player of the Year is next on our list. This honor was awarded to Dwight Howard for the second consecutive year. Who did we pick? Uhhhhh…

1. DWIGHT HOWARD (Orlando Magic): D12 continues his dominance on the defensive end of the court for the 2nd year in a row. He continues to lead all players in rebounds(13.2) and blocked shots(2.78). I chose Dwight as the Defensive player of the year before the season began, and he made sure that I became a prophet. – Marc

2. JOSH SMITH (Atlanta Hawks): I don’t understand why this guy never made it to an all-defensive team, let alone being considered for Defensive Player of the Year. The combo forward averaged career highs of 1.6 steals and 2.1 blocks per game along with almost 9 boards a game. Who puts up those kinds of numbers anymore? – Holland

3. BRENDAN HAYWOOD (Dallas Mavericks): An underrated defensive player who is now able to help shore up the middle for the Dallas Mavericks. He averaged a very reliable and efficient 2.1 blocks and 2.7 fouls per game and was even named as the 3rd best defender in the NBA according to Dwight Howard. – Peter

4. RON ARTEST (Los Angeles Lakers): Ron has shut down multiple superstars (Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Danny Granger) over the course of the year. When the Lakers were winning consistently, his infectious defense was one of the main reasons why they looked indestructible. He may have lost a step or two but his hands that remind me of E. Honda’s Hundred Hand Slap from Street Fighter more than make up for it. – Rey

5. RAJON RONDO (Boston Celtics): RONDO! THE GUARD MUTILATOR!! He’s got hustle (2.33 steals a game — tops in the NBA this season). Which is what defenses crave. They crave hustle. Which is what Rondo has. And that’s why defenses crave Rondo. Not water, like from the toilet. – Brandon

Some good players left off this list but, overall, I have little problem with this.

PHOTO CREDIT: Walter Iooss Jr./SI

THE WHOLE STAFF (along with Twitter handles) that VOTED include…

Rey Moralde (@TheNoLookPass): So there’s 11 people in this staff. It’s like a football team. I can be the quarterback!
Peter Kim (@YungBolo): Wideout.
David Diep (@illastrate): Another wideout.
Jimmy Castro (@WinInTheEnd): Slut receiver.
Nick Perkins: He can be the tight end.
Brandon Tomyoy (@dingyu): Tailback.
Deron Yamada (@XOVR): Center.
Holland Wong (@rawklee): Right guard.
Marc Dizon (@darc_miz): The other guard.
Leo Guiala (@leowins1): He can be a tackle.
Tony Ek (@brokenankles): Screw it. We only need four linemen. He can be the kicker.

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