The Week In TNLP (01/23/2010)

Saturday. You know what that means! Recap time!

1. Talking To Chicks Who Love Hoops (Violet): I talk to Violet about our team, the Lakers. We also talk about Nick Van Exel, the Celtics, and Gossip Girl. Check out her site at VioletKanian.Com.

2. Judging The 2010 Slam Dunk Contest Field: As expected, LeBron James is NOT in the dunk contest. I take a look at all the competitors. I even added some video footage.

3. Sweet Dishes: Dennis Rodman Pumps Up And Airs Out: Check out this old Reebok ad with a black-haired Dennis Rodman. Listen to him take pot shots at his old rivals (and future team), the Chicago Bulls.

4. We Like Obscure NBA Players: Isaac Austin: Peter Kim takes a look back at Ike Austin. He’s really not that obscure but people may have already forgotten about him.

5. State Of The Lakers 2010: I take a look at how the Lakers are doing at the halfway point. Then later that night, they lose to the surging Cavaliers. Ouch.

6. Sweet Dishes: Isiah Thomas Will Take Your Soda: Isiah Thomas was always disliked. Watch him take the soda Dominique Wilkins and Patrick Ewing were playing for in this ad.

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