Holiday Special: Hang Time Podcast


Did you ever watch the old Saturday morning NBC show, Hang Time (yes, from T-NBC)? Isn’t it the most awesome show ever?

Okay, maybe I’m overstating it but since it is the holiday season and we’re in a giving mood, we decided that we’re going to release something that we were supposed to release last summer when there was no NBA going on: a podcast about Hang Time.

You don’t remember the show? Pilot’s right here… and here.

How did this come about? I don’t know. I think we were all being very emo in the summer. But, yeah, fellow 8th Seed brothers Zach Harper (TalkHoops and Cowbell Kingdom) and Michael De Leon (Project Spurs) joined me to do an awesome podcast about this show that helped, uh, jumpstart the TV career of Reggie Theus.

We each devoted about 30 minutes to talk about the first five episodes of this awesome show while drinking some Jack and Coke, which is something I definitely don’t recommend to anybody. But, hey, there might be an audience for this. Who knows? If we get about two listeners to this podcast (including us), maybe we’ll do it again! Maybe.

We even make references to possibly the greatest TV show of all-time, Saved By The Bell, and Buzzer Beat (which was, at the time, fresh in our minds).

And, dammit, Zach! I think Mary Beth Pepperton is cute!

ZACH: “SEVEN F*#^ING PLAYERS ON THE TEAM! They didn’t even introduce like the four other people!”

REY: “Did you ever think that Willow Bay was attractive? Because I always thought so.”
ZACH: “Uh. No.”

REY: “I would also think that stealing an inbounds pass… with one second left… would be a bigger deal.”

REY: “The last episode… number 5…”
MIKE: “My favorite.”
REY: “Your favorite episode?”
MIKE: “‘Cause the dumbass gets to be team captain.”

ZACH: “‘Cause she just goes around… all of a sudden, she’s the only girl in high school with any cleavage. And she’s just like throwing it out there like it’s a free bag of chips.”

And again, if you guys MUST watch this awesome show, the pilot is here… and here.

So we hope anyone finds this entertaining because we found this fun to do. I think? Did we? Guys?

Anyway, Happy Holidays!

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