Bullet Passes (09/30/2009)

Link love, link love, link love. Let’s give pub to some entries, shall we?

The Ultimate Spur: Jeff Garcia from Project Spurs plays Dr. Frankenstein and creates the ULTIMATE SPURS PLAYER.

Weekly Fix: Episode 68: Zach Harper and company come out with their latest episode of their hilarious podcast. Among the topics: a possible Chris Bosh/Dwyane Wade combo in the future? Check ’em out at TalkHoops.

Rondo Worked With Mark Price: Thanks, Jeff Clark, from Celtics Blog. But imagine if Rajon Rondo developed a perimeter game. He’s learning from one of the best ever, too. Look out, everyone.

Raptors Media Day – Let The Games Begin…: Natasha from Heels On Hardwood interviews Holly Mackenzie and Franchise about how Media Day was for the Raptors. Very good read.

James Posey Inspires A Random Act of Shaqness: Sarah from Hornets Hype pretty much reached the peak of her Twitter career when one Shaquille O’Neal replied to her out of nowhere after she mentioned James Posey.

Notes From Clippers Media Day: Kevin Arnovitz from ClipperBlog.Com has notes from Clipper Media Day. One of the notes? He mentioned that Baron Davis is in great shape. Let’s all hope for the best for the Clips.

Grappling With Demons…: Ken Berger from CBS Sports is imploring everyone to root (not mock) for Delonte West after his arrest.

That’s all I got, people. Just say hi to the pretty “link girl” for me!

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