Spurs Reloaded

Bruce Bowen, Fabricio Oberto, and Kurt Thomas are going to Milwaukee. Who gets to go to San Antonio? RICHARD JEFFERSON. This is all according to Chad Ford from ESPN.

I almost forgot that Jefferson was a Buck as I had associated him with Vince Carter, Jason Kidd, and the rest of the New Jersey Nets. Anyway, the deal is actually good for the Bucks… but BETTER for the Spurs.

For Milwaukee, they get to save money and are now capable of signing one of their restricted free agents in Charlie Villanueva or Ramon Sessions. Maybe both? Maybe even sign a free agent or two? Plus all of them three are in the last year of their contracts. They can try to make a play on the 2010 bonanza.

But then again, there’s always the bad news. Who wants to play in Milwaukee?

As for the Spurs? Well, Bowen is dead weight at this point. Kurt Thomas is 36 and Oberto is Oberto. They get an All-Star in Jefferson to fill the 3 spot. When healthy, a line-up of Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Jefferson, and Tim Duncan is potent as hell. Plus they go from grandpas to teenagers in almost one fell swoop. And this is why I never count out the Spurs and this is why every NBA franchise wants to be just like the Spurs. They just simply… reload.

There had been questions, of course, about the Spurs’ depth. What? They wouldn’t be able to find another Roger Mason (a GREAT find last year)? I’m not saying just fill out the roster with nobodies… but you’d have to think that there are people out there who want to play with these guys and a shot at the title. If they get a serviceable big then the Spurs are REALLY, REALLY dangerous.

Hey, L.A. I don’t think them Spurs are playing around next year.

UPDATE 1: Once traded, Bruce Bowen is expected to be released from his contract… and then go back to San Antonio.

UPDATE 2: According to blazersedge on Twitter: Blazers assistant, Monty Williams, said that OBERTO is more likely to be released by the Bucks and reacquired by the Spurs. Check out his tweet here.

UPDATE 3: Chad Ford just went on SportsCenter. It seems like there are no additional tweaks in the trade. I guess we’ll see if one of those three guys get released in the future!

UPDATE 4: A new wrinkle was thrown in. The newly acquired Oberto has just been traded to the Detroit Pistons for Amir Johnson. Wonder what will Detroit do with Oberto now…

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  1. Emmett Jones

    Nice post Rey-Rey. I do like the Spurs getting Jefferson, especially cause it gives them another scorer if Ginobili or Duncan get hurt…but what are they going to do about big men? You see them picking up someone in another trade? or free agency? I don’t really know who’s out there. More importantly, I hate the Spurs, but this trade intrigued me.

  2. Rey-Rey

    Thanks. But if they’re all healthy, oh, man…
    I don’t think San Antonio’s done. They need to fill out the roster, don’t they?
    Also remember that there’s a Birdman on the loose. What if he decided that he likes Texas better than Colorado?


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