Weekly Assists (01/30/2009)

Blog news… we might do a podcast in the near future. We’re just trying to find out the schedule of one of our buddies. So watch out for that. Honestly, though, this could be a huge disaster. We just might end up talking about Changing Faces, Soul For Real, and Xscape instead of the NBA.

Okay, so before I give out love for Friday, All-Star reserves have been announced!

Jameer Nelson (Orlando)
Devin Harris (New Jersey)
Joe Johnson (Atlanta)
Paul Pierce (Boston)
Rashard Lewis (Orlando)
Danny Granger (Indiana)
Chris Bosh (Toronto)

Jameer is a bit of a surprise but, hey, he deserves it. The bigger surprise is actually Rashard Lewis. Come on, coaches. Why you guys treat Jesus Shuttlesworth like that? I suppose Paul Pierce is part of the best team of basketball so it’s all right. The Allen Iverson fan selection messed up the flow. At least, Danny Granger is on there. Dude is playin’ ball for real. And we all know about Devin Harris.

Chauncey Billups (Denver)
Tony Parker (San Antonio)
Brandon Roy (Portland)
David West (New Orleans)
Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas)
Pau Gasol (L.A. Lakers)
Shaquille O’Neal (Phoenix)

West is a bit of a surprise. I guess Carmelo Anthony‘s injury cost him this year’s berth. Shaq was a definite no-brainer. I’m surprised Steve Nash was left off considering the game is in Phoenix but I do agree that Billups and Parker are tearin’ it up. Glad Brandon Roy is in, too. I guess West would be the only question mark in there. Maybe Amar’e Stoudemire from the starters also…



Rasheed Wallace said it best. Both teams played hard.

This one is run by Jared Wade, who is an Indiana Pacers fan… but since his Pacers have been down these past few years, he adopts another team to cheer for each year while the Pacers try to make their way back to the top. I like his captioned photos from a previous night’s game (and he does it well because I’m not a huge fan of captioned photos, particularly those I CAN CHEEZBURGER with the cats or whatever). This site also seems to have a fascination with facial hair on NBA players. And, of course, great quotes and NBA videos are all over the place. Both Teams Played Hard is quite well-rounded. And Wade will always throw in a movie quote or 20 in the mix.

So check that shiz out. And you can follow him on Twitter, too (because we’re all obsessed with Twitter… or maybe that’s just me), at BothTeamsPlayed.

All right. My Links of the Week. The usual hoops and I’ll throw in maybe a couple of wild cards.

Infatuation Is A Stinky Cologne: Don’t get me wrong; I like Bill Simmons’ articles. But Zach from TalkHoops is right about this one. Kevin Durant may be great someday… but he’s really nothing new. And Zach says that Simmons is taking his love for Durant a little too far.

NBA Dress Code Violation: David Stern: This is pretty old but Romes from Hoop Heads North has this pic of the NBA Commish rockin’ the Fat Joe/Terror Squad chain. Stern’s got street cred, yo.

Steve Nash: The Best Player in Suns History. Bar None.: The nerve of Ben from Ben’s Suns Blog! He called Steve Nash the best player in Suns history! How dare he! No love for Andrew Lang?!

First Look At The 2009 Rookie Challenge Jerseys: J.E. Skeets from Ball Don’t Lie got the pix. How do you guys like ’em? Man, those things don’t look pretty.

Breaking Down The End Of Lakers/Bobcats via TrueHoop: Kurt from Forum Blue and Gold talks about how the Lakers SHOULD play physical so that no one can come into the key anymore the way Gerald Wallace did. I can understand what Kurt’s trying to say but it’s not like Andrew Bynum was actually playing the ball there.

Beautiful Pass: Okay. I’ll give TrueHoop some real due here. What about that pass by slam-dunk contestant Rudy Fernandez? I’m not too confident about his dunking skills… but the dimes are definitely there.

Iggy Over Yao… or Wade to Cook: This happened in the same night and I couldn’t decide which to highlight in this entry… so I put both. Thanks to Ethan from NESW Sports.

State Of The (Clipper) Nation Address: My buddy, Dave, from Terry Dehere For The Win (a huge Clipper fan) is already looking forward to next season. There are a few roster spots open for next year so which ones can the Clips realistically get? Like Trevor Ariza would dare switch halls…

Popovich Takes Credit for Shaq’s Improved Free Throw Shooting: Brett from NBA Fanhouse has this report. Shaq is now shooting better than 62 percent from the foul line. And Pops said that all this Hack-A-Shaq made Shaq focus more on his foul shooting. Uh-huh. Right, Pop.

101 Sports Blogs And Bloggers You Should Be Following On Twitter: As Houroc from Hail Mary Jane says! Follow these awesome bloggers on Twitter so you can get the latest news and quips about sports! And if you look at that list, you should follow the dude on #19. I hear that guy has an awesome blog… and the guy is pretty damn cool and handsome, too!

Oh, yeah… don’t forget that SLAM Magazine and The NBA Breakdown have teamed up for the SLAM/NBA Breakdown Trivia Challenge. Click behind this link for the question. Catch the NBA Breakdown show on Sunday, Feb. 8th at 9 P.M. Eastern/6 P.M. Pacific time and they’ll be waiting for the FIRST CALLER WITH THE CORRECT ANSWER. And with any luck, you’ll win a SLAM Prize Pack. Good luck!

And before I close… Super Bowl 43 is on Sunday. I will say…

Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 21.

I’m not sure if I’m done for today in this blog. But if I am, have a great weekend, guys!


  1. Ethanator1088

    Great post bud. It was a great week in the blogdome!

  2. Rey-Rey

    Thanks, man! And thanks for those highlights. I didn’t get to see those games that night since I was at Staples Center at the time.


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