We’re Sorry, Mardy Collins

We wanna apologize to Mardy Collins.

All right. It’s not like we totally bashed him all over the place. Well, okay… we mentioned him during the PodCast we were in a few days ago and I mentioned him in a snippet of this entry about what’s wrong with the Clippers. We even talked about how most of his shots were just catching air.

But in this calendar year? He’s averaged 12.5 PPG, 4.5 RPG, and 5.5 APG. Plus 1.8 SPG and a .500 3-pt percentage. Needless to say, he’s been playing well especially since he’s been inserted into the starting line-up. Yes, he’s playing a lot of minutes but he’s done more than his share for the bleak Clips.

Plus he was actually cool to one of my friends at Staples Center against Phoenix. While my friend mentioned that it looked like Baron Davis didn’t want to be there, Collins happily gave him an autograph and thanked their support. It’s hard to stay perky after 11 straight losses, but if he was genuinely happy about the fans’ support, it says much about the person.

We’re sorry, Mardy Collins. We won’t bash you again.

Well, maybe until your next slump.

For real, though, good luck to you and the rest of the Clippers for the rest of the year.

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