Scattered Thoughts: L.A. Style

I went to the Clippers game with Peter, Bran, and Allen. We know how that ended up. Toronto killed the Clippers, 97-75. Zach Randolph got hurt early in the fourth quarter that killed any hopes of a Clipper rally. They had it down to six before Chris Bosh scored a million points in the fourth quarter.

I don’t want to sound like too much of a homer but, wow, where were the calls for the L.A. team? I know that referees are NOT going to be perfect but they blew about three or four important calls in one stretch that probably helped prevent the Clips from rallying all the way back. I’ve been to three Clipper games this year and they never seem to get respect. This is why the NBA gets criticism because of obvious blown calls. I understand the need to adjust but, at least, be consistent?

Still, the Clippers were NOT making shots and that cost them early on. The Clips shot 33 percent but it wasn’t because the Raptors were playing Celtic-like defense. Some of the shot selection was questionable, yes, but they were missing a lot of open looks, too. It didn’t help that they weren’t getting the calls, either.

Anyway, I didn’t catch the Lakers/Memphis game but I knew Kobe Bryant had to rally his troops back to beat the Grizzlies. Before the game started, I found out from various sources (SLAM) that Jordan Farmar will have surgery on his knee that will cost him two months of action. Lakers are now in the market for a one… but why don’t they just play Sun Yue? Isn’t he supposed to be the Chinese Magic Johnson? Ha ha.

Now waiting for the Christmas showdown between them Lakers and Celtics.

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