If You Don’t Know, Now You Know

Last night’s Portland/Phoenix game was probably the best one I had watched all season. I think Phoenix is returning to their run-and-gun ways, which is best for their personnel, anyway. And Portland has been ahead of schedule when it comes to building their team. As for the game itself, it was back-and-forth action and we really couldn’t blink. Before we knew it, the lead had changed hands. And again. And again. Sure, both of these teams weren’t exactly playing defense. But both their offenses were on fire, nonetheless.

One player in particular rose to the next level with this game. Brandon Roy had been on fire in the last week (scoring 30, 33, 38, and 29 in his last four games)… but he was a killer on this nationally televised game. Roy willed his team to a five-point win, including the game-clinching three with a minute left. Brandon Roy finished with 52 points. And his career-high before the Phoenix game? The aforementioned 38-point game against the Clippers.

I think the Suns will be okay. The Jason Richardson acquisition gave them new life and, as mentioned, they will return to what made them exciting and deadly: the fast-break, high-octane offense that Steve Nash thrived under.

On the other side, people that watch the league everyday know what Brandon Roy can do… but he was never really mentioned in the same breath as Kobe, Lebron, or D-Wade. Even Greg Oden gets mentioned more than Brandon Roy. But now? I think people will take notice. Not only of Roy but of this Portland team.

I don’t think anyone will argue anymore if Roy makes the All-Star team this year.


  1. Roy

    Pre. Nice article. My first comment on your page. Brandon Roy has been playing well this season. The Blazers are becoming one of the hottest teams in the L again. Obviously, Brandon Roy is the reason why. 😀

  2. Rey-Rey

    Thanks for stopping by, pare. The Blazers are a nice team and I think everyone agrees they’re way ahead of schedule. Plus, Brandon Roy’s been on a tear. I can’t think of a shooting guard in the West playing better than him right now.

  3. Illastrate

    This is what it had to take for people to notice Roy. The guy’s a beast. Just like how it took Arenas to drop 60 on the Lakers for the general public to take notice of Agent Zero.

  4. Rey-Rey

    Yeah. Like I said, the ones that watch the League constantly know Roy is no secret. Now I think the secret’s out.Of course, he stinks it up with only eight small points against Denver the next game. Good thing THAT wasn’t on national TV.


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