We Like Obscure NBA Players: Mike Iuzzolino

So one late night, I was hangin’ out with my buddies at Denny’s. Peter (one of my basketball buddies and one of the biggest L.A. Clipper fans I will ever know) then had one of those… moments.

PETER: “Okay, so I was looking through my old basketball cards… and guess which one I found. MIKE IUZZOLINO.”

Mike Iuzzolino.

He only played two years in the NBA. Played for the Dallas Mavericks after he was drafted by them in the second round in 1991. From what I remember of him, he was actually decent. And Basketball Reference proved me right! He averaged 9.0 PPG and 4.3 APG for his two years in the NBA.

Maybe the losing got to him because he played for the second-worst team ever in the league’s history. In 1992-93, Dallas finished with only 11 wins. After that, he went to Europe to have a more successful career there. Now he’s an assistant coach for St. Vincent’s College.

But, hey, he was in the NBA Jam game! Only in the Arcade version, though. Dammit.

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