Scattered Thoughts

*Dwyane Wade is now getting MVP chants. If I was actually one of those media guys that can give votes, I’d vote him in if he takes the Heat to the Playoffs. But it’s probably going to be LeBron, Kobe, or even Garnett.

*It must be frustrating to be a Clipper fan (Illastrate and Peter along with another friend were there watching them blow a fourth-quarter lead for another loss). At 4-17, the coach is normally gone. But since Mike Dunleavy is the most powerful man in ClipperLand except for the owner Donald Sterling, he can’t really be replaced as coach… unless he fires himself. That ain’t gonna happen.

*I honestly like the fact that Kevin Garnett goes crazy. His intensity is off the page. And with the rest of the team barking and talking smack, the Celtics have turned into jerks on the court. Know what? I personally like it. We need those kinds of guys on the court. So when they do get dethroned, it’s that much more satisfying for the opposite team’s fan.

*Let me get this straight. I thought it was crazy at first that ESPN is saying that Rajon Rondo should be an All-Star. But with the exception of Devin Harris and Derrick Rose, which 1 is playing better than Rondo right now? Jose Calderon and Andre Miller aren’t doing it at the moment. So is it possible that Boston would have FOUR All-Stars in the mix?

*I feel sorry for Kevin Durant. They’re 2-20. I’ll feel sorry more, though, for the next team that loses to them.

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