Lakers Vs Celtics

Well, I’m sure everyone that keeps up with the NBA knows that Sam Mitchell was axed from his Toronto Raptors coaching job. It’s amazing how impatient the front office can be. But I can’t exactly say he’s been doing a stellar job. Remember that he was rumored to be replaced by one Mike D’Antoni in the summer when D’Antoni freed himself from Phoenix. I can’t say I know much about Jay Triano but I do think his squad is talented enough to stay in the postseason hunt. I doubt Chris Bosh will let his team go on a freefall.

Anyway, what did I want to talk about now?

Yeah, is there anyone that can seriously challenge these storied franchises for the crown this year? I’ve watched the Lakers play all year. Their last couple of games is not an indication of what the team is all about (lazy)… but when they’re on… my goodness, it’s a beautiful thing. Plus they still have Kobe Bryant in their team. No, I didn’t forget. It’s almost not fair that their team is THIS deep.

But having Trevor Ariza and Andrew Bynum is making a difference thus far. Unless something catastrophic happens, they should run away from the rest of the West crowd. Now if they can get their heads straight about defense and hustling (which hasn’t been present in the last couple of games)…

Now the Celtics are off to a dazzling start as well. 18-2. They’re also on a mission to prove everyone wrong that they’re not a one-trick pony. They are 1st in points allowed. Ya know what else they lead in? Technical fouls. Now they’re bringing the talk along with the walk (Paul Pierce mentioned how he was the best player in the world!). The teams know they got a war when they’re going against the Celtics.

No, neither of these teams will win 72. But tell me which team can beat any of these teams in a seven-game series.

As it stands, the Celtics should beat the Lakers if they started a series right now (I did pick the Lakers to win it all this year). It just comes down to the little hustle plays and their defense. I see flashes of L.A. doing that… but Boston has been doing it for the last year.

Still, I’m glad that this rivalry has returned. EA Sports should rename their NBA Live series or something. Or maybe put a subtitle. NBA Live ’10: The Return of Lakers Vs Celtics.

And then they can also bring back those special moves like the old games used to have. Michael Jordan had his Air Reverse thing back in the day… and now they should insert Kobe Bryant‘s patented spin dunks. There should also be an unstoppable move by some random All-Star (people that played this game know what Tom Chambers could do!). Oh, I don’t know. Like Dwight Howard‘s Superman throwdown or something.

But as much fun as it would be to hear Kenny Smith‘s awesome rendition of the Superman song, they’d probably play it every time Howard makes that “unstoppable move”. That would get old real quick.

Anyway, I’m rooting for another Lakers Vs Celtics final. It’d be a major upset if one of those teams don’t get there.

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